The Miss Megan Effect™

Please enjoy this 2 minute video about my in-home Montessori children’s enrichment environment! (Please note, this iteration of my environment was from 2016. I have since renovated and updated my environment! See my school website for updated pics of my homeschool environment.)

Revolutionizing How We Raise Kids!

Through curiosity, inspiration and empowerment, I am able to unleash this potential for parents and children alike. I do it through connection and harnessing what’s possible through gentle structure, fun educational opportunities, and simple empowerment strategies!

The Miss Megan Effect can increase the quality of life for your children and family!

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Miss Megan is a Renowned Governess, Conscious Proactive Parenting Specialist, and Jedi Sleep Master. She ‘also’ offers a wide range of services designed to foster healthy interdependent loving relationships with children! Contact her NOW to see how she can bring peace, joy, and ease to your life!!!!

Help your child to be a Super Sleeper!

Imagine this scene: You lay your baby down at sleep time, happy and wide awake, and they turn their head to the side and happily choose sleep. Sound like an impossible reality? Well, not with Mantra Sleep Solutions! ‘Mantra Sleep Solutions’ will take your child on their personalized ‘Sleep Journey’…creating peaceful nights of tranquil sleep for all! Call today for your free consultation!

Build a foundation that doesn’t need to be rebuilt!

I have many principles that I instill in the children and parents with whom I work. Some of those core principles include teaching: presence and awareness, the ability to be responsive and not reactive, having clear intentions, harnessing your child’s curiosity, and redefining and building trust. Through my coaching, I am able to teach the parents simple tools, techniques and strategies for evoking responsiveness in their children. Parents begin to see past their child’s presumed limitations, and tap into whats possible. Together we generate a more powerful and fulfilled life.

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My unique and creative methods of focusing on positive discipline and sleep mastery have serviced families within the greater New York City area and worldwide for years. I have used my extensive knowledge to dispose of various myths and reveal the truth to the New York metropolitan families, thus enabling them to attain a higher quality of care for their children. This is one small testimony to the revolutionary change that “The Miss Megan Effect” can bring to any home, forever revitalizing and revamping parenting and childcare.

The Miss Megan Effect in Action!