10 Must Know Newborn Hacks To Preserve Your Sanity

  1. Don’t change the baby’s diaper at night; unless poopie or leaking. Just do their last change when you do their last feed–right before you go to bed. They will be fine until morning. Besides, changing your little one all night long is disruptive to their sleep and makes them hypersensitive to being wet at night.


  1. Don’t train your baby to be high maintenance by heating up their baby wipes. Just keep them room temp. They may startle at first, but will enjoy bonding as you comfort them afterwards, and besides, baby will have to get used to cold wipes eventually, as you won’t be lugging around a wipe warmer everywhere you go.


  1. Make bottles room temperature too. Skip the bulky bottle warmer and sanitizer and heat bottles in a cup of warm water and just boil a pot of water for easy sterilization in a matter of minutes – which also doubles as a humidifier. If you are on the go traveling…just use Dr. Browns microwaveable sterilization bags – they are simple enough and easy to tuck into your bag.


  1. Use an easier bottle, like Como Tomo. With less parts to clean, and a wide base it’s much more user friendly than traditional bottles that have many parts and trap bacteria. Still BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.


  1. Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap will make your baby bottles squeaky clean and get rid of breast milk residue in a matter of seconds.


  1. It may be a fashion faux pas, but I recommend limiting clothes dressing to minimize stress to the newborn. Since newborns don’t technically need bathes right away, you can just change their outfit as needed and best changing time is during diaper changes – to kill two birds with one stone. Also, simple bathes with cotton and previously boiled warm water is easiest until a full bath is needed.


  1. When you do change their clothes, use Kickee Pants brand. It’s the softest,  stretchiest and therefore the easiest to put on your tiny new baby – looks and feels great too.


  1. Buy the easier swaddle. Like the Woombie and better yet, Anna and Eve’s Swaddle Strap takes the guess work out of swaddling.


  1. Use waves on the sound machine instead of white noise to lull them to sleep and help them enjoy the beach later on in life. When you are on the go, the compact and portable Hushh is the next best thing. It even has a hook to hang on car seats, strollers and more.


  1. Most importantly, with the revolutionary Wovenaire Newton Mattress, you and your baby will get better and more peaceful sleep! Since you know baby is safer. Wovenaire gives parents the peace of mind that they seek in an crib mattress. Made of safe, food grade polymer, NO off-gassing, FREE of biocides and toxic fire retardants, 100% recyclable, made in clean, emissions free facility, Green Guard Gold certification, Hypo-allergenic, and EVEN fully Washable. You can get one at Newtonbaby.com. And with code: MissMegan you can even get a $25 discount!

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