“Mantra Sleep Solutions”™

‘Mantra Sleep Solutions’ will take your child on their personalized ‘Sleep Journey’…creating peaceful nights of tranquil sleep for all! Call today for your free consultation!

Ask yourself!
Do you want your child to be a Super Sleeper?

Imagine this scene: You lay your baby down at sleep time happy and wide awake, they turn their head to the side and happily choose sleep. Sound like an impossible reality? My sleep training methodology transcends everything that is currently available. I can teach babies as young as 3 months to willingly choose sleep at naptimes and bedtime!! Sleep, for most babies, only happens after a period of rocking, nursing, singing, shushing, crying… Often becoming a multi-step bed-time routine! Babies can even cry, long past any need fulfillment, because of an unnecessary perception of abandonment.

As a Jedi Sleep Master (Ie. Sleep Training Specialist), and through my simple methods, however, babies can build enough trust (in some cases, even in as short a time as 3 nights or less) to no longer feel the need to cry! The scenario above will actually be the reality. With my focused Sleep Coaching and encouragement , I will easily and effectively teach your child to be a SUPER SLEEPER!!

Super Sleepers

• Choose sleep happily during nap times and night times!
• Thrive with change, as they learn the critical skills of resiliency and therefore have the ability to integrate more smoothly during travel, change in routine, and whatever life sends their way!
• Are calmer during the day and more well adjusted in the long run as they learn the benefits of responding vs. reacting
• Are also happier as they are taught that just as they can “choose sleep” they can also “choose happiness”!
• Are better behaved during the day since they learn via: Miss Megan’s Mantra Sleep Solutions, that their parents; mean what they say and say what they mean! This makes daytime guidance and discipline an easier feat
• More than anything…super sleepers learn to trust sleep and their parents/ caregivers in relation to sleep which eliminates night waking’s, nightmares and night terrors in the long run.

Not a Cry-it-Out Method!

100% effectiveness for children ages 12 weeks – 12 years old!

The Miss Megan Effect can increase the quality of life for your children and family!

The Miss Megan Effect can increase the quality of life for your children and family!

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