Mrs. Quinn Smith – November 9, 2009


To Whom It May Concern,

I met Miss Megan over two years ago at the Montessori school in Montgomery Alabama. At the time she was the head teacher over all of the pre-primary division which included in my estimate about 36 children ages 2-4 and 4 assistant that she trained and managed. My son at the time was 2 years old and was showing difficulty in emotional and social development.  My family and I suffered many hardships that year.  Miss Megan’s role in my life as a mentor, friend, and teacher to both myself and my family has proved invaluable as well as proving her as one of the most incredible woman I have ever met.

Her gift with working with children and families is truly amazing. She lacks no energy and has a positive attitude that is unceasing. Miss Megan is able to be flexible and adapt at a moment’s notice to any change while maintaining a sense of order and structure that is so vital to a young child’s mind and learning dispositions. She finds positive solutions to situations that some might consider problematic and difficult.

I can say these things about Miss Megan from my own experiences with her helping me and my son, personally assisting me with the challenges that I faced while my husband was deployed to Iraq.
I have witnessed Miss Megan over the years consistently make good choices that reflect her sincere integrity to be honest and responsible in every one of her commitments in every way, both on a personal and professional level. I am proud to have her as my friend and I am honored for having been able to work with her.

Without her service to me in being a Governess and as an Educator, I would be completely lacking in an incredible wealth of knowledge that has impacted my life and the life of my children.


My children, which are now ages 6 and 4, Miss Megan in our life and are always excited when she visits. Any family that is going to have her as a part of their household be it for a long or short commitment, will be truly rewarded and enriched with her wisdom and her amazing gift of working with children and their families.

Mrs. Quinn Smith
Sierra Vista Az, 85635