“Conscious Proactive Parenting”™

Building a Foundation that Doesn’t Need to be Re-Built!

In addition to Sleep Training,
Miss Megan can support your family with:

• Attention Moms and Dads! Do you find yourselves disagreeing on how to parent your child? Then it’s time to find a parenting plan that actually works and puts you on the same page. Miss Megan unveils a personalized formula everyone can adopt effortlessly.

Potty Training:
• Proactive Potty Training 101. From diapers to dressing in 6 simple steps.

• From unexpected temper tantrums to unnecessary dependence on security objects…Parent Expert in Child Effectiveness Techniques explores 10 behavioral time bombs. Watch out…they have long term effects on everyone’s quality of life!

Nanny vs. Governess—There is a Difference:
• NY’s most progressive Governess reveals the top myths and truths about having a Nanny vs. a Governess to help raise your kids. Then, take her simple quiz to find out which would be the best fit for your family.

• Picky eaters are a thing of the past, bringing out your child’s inner foodie with Miss Megan’s single most revolutionary foodie phrase.

• 10 Toddler approved eats just in time for Thanksgiving. Miss Megan cooks up a simple Toddleresque Feast!

Relationships/Life Coaching:
• From the playpen to the corner office, this profound and innovative philosophy will easily launch your child toward success! Miss Megan will reveal a universal yet tailored process that’s never too early or too late to implement.

First Time Parents:
•Attention First Time Parents! Time tested must-­‐have products for a clutter free home! What you really need vs. what your parents and society have taught you.

• Sibling Integration
• Potty Training
•Personalized Themed Curriculum Development for Caretakers and Children Whom they Care for
• Tutoring
• Back up/Temp Governing/Nannying
• Travel
• Conscious Proactive Parenting
• Parent/Child/Family Education and Support
• ….  And more!

The Miss Megan Effect can increase the quality of life for your children and family!

The Miss Megan Effect can increase the quality of life for your children and family!

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