Sebrina Morris – October 5, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:


It is with great pleasure that I wholeheartedly endorse Miss Megan for the position of a live-in Governess/Nanny. lf I had to describe her in three words, I would choose: caring, trustworthy, and resourceful. Her energy and patience are limitless!


Upon meeting her in 2008, Miss Megan made an immediate and positive impression. She was hired at our school as the Head Directress of our Pre- Primary-class; only two weeks prior to our school year beginning. Within the first few weeks, she proved to be a quick learner, hard worker, and always respectful of our school’s philosophies and procedures.


Besides a natural affinity toward caring for children, Miss Megan possesses an intelligence of early childhood development that is well beyond her years. I enjoyed being able to observe Miss Megan engaging our children with creative art and other enriching activities. Her first priority was always their safety, and she confidently made day-to-day decisions to ensure it was maintained. During her tenure, Miss Megan developed a strong bond with our children and their families. She still visits several of them whenever she comes to Montgomery.


Her presence is certainly missed at Montessori Academy. Any family who engages her service is a fortunate family indeed. 



Sebrina Morris

Montessori Academy of Montgomery


Montgomery, AL