The Arick Family – August 17, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

I am so happy that you have chosen Miss Megan to be a part of your family.  She has certainly been a welcomed and needed part of our family.  I am both devastated to see her go and thrilled to know that her magnificent presence will be shared with you.

We met Miss Megan in early 2008.  I was a stay at home mom and had never exposed Rudy to another caretaker.  I fell ill and could no longer care for Rudy adequately at home, so we began investigating nannies.  When we met Miss Megan, our search was immediately over.

She has always surprised me by being such a subtle influence to my child.  She is like no other teacher I have seen.  She incorporates simple learning skills with fun methods that, in the end, make the children feel like they learned them on their own.  She makes learning become discovery, which makes it fun and unrecognizable.  She has a way of teaching, training, and disciplining that leads a child to their own discovery, which has enabled our child to grow in confidence, intelligence, independence, and responsibility. 


When Miss Megan began watching Rudy (age 3), he didn’t speak, count, know his alphabet or colors, he was not potty trained, and didn’t know how to put together puzzles.  Within the first 4 weeks, he did everything I mentioned and then some.  She gently led him to the confidence he needed to achieve the goals he was capable of achieving.  Her skills continue to amaze me!


My child has many wonderful years ahead of him, but I know, in my heart, that his most impressionable years were spent under the guidance of Miss Megan and that leaves me at peace.  I know that the lessons she has taught him have laid a foundation to make him all a mother could want, an independent thinker, an artist, a leader, a decision maker, and , above all, a compassionate person who loves all beings, including himself,  for their beauty and gifts to the world.


I miss Miss Megan in our lives, but know it is time for her to share her compassion and gifts to another family.  I am ecstatic that your children will soon be under the care of our Miss Megan.  I know that they will have a great future, as you will too, because she has become a part of your life.  I wholeheartedly believe in her and her ability to allow your children to grow to their full potential!


I congratulate you for making such a good choice!  

Cheers! -Hannah Arick. 

Hannah, Todd, & Rudy Arick

Destin, Fl 32541