The Bethmann Family – January 8, 2005

Our children, Sam, 6 (at the time), and Amy, 3 (at the time), always feel treated when Megan comes over. Megan has been a babysitter for us for more than the past six years. The kids love her so much, that they sometimes have a hard time taking turns talking to her when she comes over. “Moyney” is the pet name the kids call Megan. It was Sam’s first attempt of saying her name when he started talking. It has stuck ever since. She is also a great friend!


When Amy was born, Megan had the gift of being able to step in and help out in everything from giving Amy her first bath to diapering to playing with big brother. She has always been good at calming fussy ones, taming toddlers, having patience, and finding creative ways to both entertain and teach children at the same time. We have even had her spend the night with the kids on occasion. She is a great sitter and I highly recommend using her in any childcare situation.


Sincerely, Dean and Melissa Bethmann