The Fino Family – June 7, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing on behalf of Megan Sedlacek, who has been babysitting our son, Gabriel, for more than 2 years (at the time reference was written). She has been so wonderful to have around! We really appreciate her kind and gentle ways. She is terrific with small babies. When Gabriel was very tiny (3 months) she watched him extensively. He was always so happy when we took him to Megan. She is very patient and creative. I’ve also seen her with other children. She loves children so much, that she has left other—non-child care related—jobs, just to be able to work with children. Being with children is what she loves and does best!

We first met Megan when I was her ballet teacher (she was only 12 years old way back then). And we were re-united with her when we were eating at Golden Corral restaurant (now 18 years old). She was working there, part time at the time, and she came up to us (not realizing it was us), and was so friendly with our baby, that we wondered if she ever babysat. We had been looking for a sitter at the time. Fortunately for us, she had the experience, and was willing to watch our baby.

Gabriel has had issues with eating and gaining weight and Megan has such a way with him that she is always able to get him to eat. At almost 4 years old now, he still is not talking very much and tantrums were beginning to occur more frequently. She has taught him several ASL signs and the number of tantrums has diminished significantly since he now has a way to communicate while he develops vocal language skills. Megan’s grasp of learning styles and developmental levels clearly shows in how she works with our son.

I highly recommend Megan Sedlacek to be your Nanny for your little ones. I know that she will do a fabulous job; just like she has always done for us. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!


Kris and Robert Fino

Spokane, Wa 99026