The T. Family – October 28, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Miss Megan is an extraordinary gem.  We have been extremely lucky to have her.  Since Miss Megan started working with our family, our children have become much more emotionally resilient and independent, more willing to interact with children of various ages, more inspired and courageous, and more trusting of themselves and the world around them.  Not to mention that they eat almost everything (including oysters) and are willing to try absolutely everything- coming from a beautiful concept of “it’s not that you don’t like it, you just aren’t used to it yet.”

Part of what’s been an incredible success, is working with The Miss Megan Effect context and philosophy, and having Miss Megan here to teach/coach/support us, and the children, through her techniques, tools, and strategies–that have empowered us all.

As we are both professional working parents with demanding schedules and frequent travel, we had high expectations for Miss Megan.  We were amazed how she eagerly took them as an opportunity to raise the bar higher, as she invested 110% into Sylvie (now 6.5 years old) and Leo (now 8.5) while welcoming the challenge.  With the patience of a saint, plus her flexible and accommodating nature, Miss Megan adapted to each situation as it arose, and worked diligently with the children, to create win-wins—after all, with Miss Megan, life is a game not a chore!

Miss Megan has a unique ability to make every child she works with, feel special and accommodated…even if she is engaging 6-8 children at a time—like in the summer for “The Miss Megan Effect” Summer Camp or during play dates. Her gifts are more than a talent, but an internal mastery in child psychology and early childhood development.  It’s abundantly clear Leo and Sylvie were learning the entire time they were with her; and not just in academia, but more so being taught how to internalize the most effective ways of being including tools to draw from for whatever life threw their way.

Her methodologies and pedagogies helped Sylvie and Leo thrive.  We have seen many children in her care reflect the curiosity, peace and happiness that Miss Megan, Haiden and Hazel emanate.  Who are Haiden and Hazel you may ask?  Well they are Miss Megan’s own two children—who come along when she works with Sylvie, Leo and their friends.  If it isn’t yet apparent how she is capable of managing all of this, we will take a moment to expand.  Miss Megan’s professionalism and boundless energy was always evident, even when she was running around 9 months pregnant (with Hazel) with Sylvie, Leo and Haiden in tow.

Given our schedule, Miss Megan often started her day with us as early as 6:30am.  Miss Megan would consistently come in, bright eyed and bushy tailed, with Haiden (now 2 years 3 months) and Hazel (7.5 months) who were either sleeping happily or happily playing quietly as to respect our morning family time.

Miss Megan is not your everyday nanny or babysitter; she really goes the distance.  Miss Megan is a Governess/Tutor/Life Coach extraordinaire, who really takes kids to the next level, while keeping them open and enthusiastic the entire time.  She creates passionate lifelong learners.  Her grounding life force has a calming effect.  Therefore, Leo and Sylvie were always steadier and happier in their time with her.  This same attribute allowed Miss Megan to greatly decrease our daughters, nearly round the clock, 6 year lovie attachment—from 7 days down to 2–in a matter of weeks.

She has taught them many life skills, including but not limited to: time management, cooking/menu planning/shopping, packing one’s own lunches, and how to keep their own personal space clean and organized.  

Miss Megan exemplifies hard work and unlimited possibilities, with a constantly evolving curriculum that comes out of whatever shows up in life that day.  She partners with the kids to create a dialogue around what is happening and evokes their participation willingly and without resistance by being inspiring and intellectually engaging.

She also takes care of us, not just our children.  For example, she would pick up, gas, and clean our car each week before we leave for the country—fresh flower included,  shop for the weekend, return packages and run other errands…she makes it all seem effortless, easy and fun.  Miss Megan even lived in during the summer months—which included a 2 hour round trip drive—kids and all.

In summary, Miss Megan is a highly professional, discrete, detail oriented, loving and connected Governess who my children adore and we think the world of her.  We will miss her dearly and hope that her next endeavor has the privilege of experiencing the richness and fullness that The Miss Megan Effect, and Miss Megan herself, has to offer.  We strongly/highly recommend her! It’s been a wonderful experience for the kids and us, and we wish her and her next family all the best.


Kindest Regards,


R. T. and M. T.

New York, NY 10012