T.M.M.E – The Miss Megan Effect™


  • As a Life Coach, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a Conscious Proactive Parenting Specialist, I have many principles that I instill in the children and parents with whom I work.
  • Some of those core principles include teaching: presence and awareness, the ability to be responsive and not reactive, having clear intentions, harnessing your child’s curiosity, and redefining and building trust.
  • One formative part is about becoming aware, while the other side of the same coin is about evoking willingness. I coach children of various ages (from toddlerhood-15 years old), and their parents, in realizing their power and ability to live out of their “love and light” (Authentic selves), while at the same time empowering them to be more of a contribution to themselves, their family, their community, and ultimately the world. As parents become more present with their children, and aware of what is even possible for them, it’s easy to raise the bar and hold them more accountable.
  • Through my coaching, I am able to teach the parents simple tools, techniques and strategies for evoking responsiveness in their children. Parents begin to see past their child’s presumed limitations, and tap into what’s possible.
  • Together we generate a more powerful and fulfilled life. A life where people and circumstances are no longer barriers to a healthy, happy and connected existence; where the parents and the children are both having their needs met while growing together!
  • With the teachings of “The Miss Megan Effect,” everyone becomes more resilient, confident, independent, courageous, and inspired—as I believe that when people are personally empowered, they become free to live generative lives…at all ages!
  • See entire article at: http://achildgrows.com/blog/2015/11/nycs-maria-von-trapp-the-miss-megan- effect/